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Handcrafted dishware

The history of CAA is like the history of Tuscany, a country with a great tradition for art and craftsmanship. In each workshop refined workmanships with a centennial experience are carried out. Ceramics, leather goods, woodworking and mechanics are the most characteristic productions. All this happens around the places where excellent wine and high quality oil are produced.
CAA is a laboratory that has been producing some of the most beautiful Italian ceramics for a long time. Experience, choice of the best basic product and a great attention in the production cycle, have led the company to the top of the producers of artistic ceramic.
All CAA collections have two features in common: handcrafted prodution and made in Italy, two pillars of the company’s work since several years.

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A unique value: The Terraforte

All products are made with a special, shock-proof mix thanks to which they can be fully part of daily life without the need for special treatments or maintenance, adapting to the high temperatures of the oven and dishwasher.


The skills and transversal experiences acquired over the years have allowed the company to be innovative and unique on the market. Creativity is combined with technology in the creation of unique and quality products thanks to the combination of tradition in manufacturing and experimentation in design and use of materials.


The current head of the creative department Francesca Fei, is every day attentive to the search for absolute quality and cyclical renewal of products. Every day the collection becomes bigger, changes and approaches modern art. Many growth projects are under study and will be implemented in the near future. A great attention is dedicated to the unique and exclusive productions requested by the client for architecture and art.

CAA will continue to be your reference point both for a small decorated plate and for the design of accessories for exclusive homes


A wide range of non-serial products and collections that can afford the needs and tastes of each customer. Passion, art and professionalism come together in the realization of design and unique style by Francesca Fei, and in the attention to detail to make sure that the products arrive in perfect conditions all over the world.

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